Below is just a sampling of equipment/services available at JWK Engineering & Sales.

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Welding Process Capabilities include:  
Gas Metal Arc Welding GMAW/MIG 
Submerged Arc Welding   SAW
Flux-Cored Arc Welding  FCAW 
Gas Tungsten Arc Welding  GTAW/TIG 
Shielded Metal Arc Welding   SMAW/Stick

We hold AWS Certifications in the following:   
Structural Welding – Mild Steel   AWS D1.1
Structural Welding – Aluminum   AWS D1.2
Structural Welding – Reinforcing Steel   AWS D1.4
Structural Welding – Stainless Steel  AWS D1.6
Earthmoving & Agricultural Equipment Welding   AWS D14.3

ASME Certified Pressure Vessels
We offer conventional and robotic welding! 

TIG Welding in Minneapolis
Robotic Welding Companies in Minneapolic

Custom CNC Welding Capabilities
At JWK Engineering & Sales, we use both conventional and robotic welding methods to fulfill the variety of needs our clients have. We provide a variety of welding services, including gas metal arc, submerged arc, flux-cored arc, gas tungsten arc, shield metal arc, and brazing for small-to-medium-sized companies within the U.S.

TIG and Robotic Welding
Our robotic and TIG welding services handle all gauges of mild steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. We hold AWS certifications for welding of all previously mentioned metals, along with earthmoving and agricultural equipment welding.

Through our use of robotic welding, your order is carried out efficiently with the repeatability and accuracy your business needs. Our capabilities encompass custom welding services for aluminum, steel, and stainless steel through the application of high-quality steel and aluminum fabrication services. Additionally, our TIG welding services provide an accurate, affordable option that minimizes splatter and contamination during the welding process. We specialize in providing high-quality welding for a variety of industries.

Our Services
Our professional staff and CNC manufacturing capabilities will ensure that your project is completed with the timeliness, quality, and transparency you expect. Whether you project is small or large, our precision robotic and TIG welding services ensure every order meets your project’s specifications.

For more information about our extensive welding services, call us today at 763.786.3600 or complete our contact form to send us a message and request a free quote.

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