Below is just a sampling of equipment/services available at JWK Engineering & Sales.


Max Capacity
Fiber laser 80″ x 160″ x 1″ Thick
6000 Watt Laser 12′ x 75′ x 1.25″ Thick
4000 Watt Laser 6′ x 12′ x .75″ Thick
HD Plasma Cutting 15′ x 60′ x 3″ Thick
OxyFuel Cutting 24′ x 60′ x 8″ Thick
Waterjet Cutting 8′ x 20′ x 12″ Thick
Tube Laser Cutting Up to 20″ OD
Fiber Tube Laser Up to 8″ OD
Structural Coping

Forming Max Capacity
CNC Brake Forming 50′ x 4,000 Tons
CNC Brake Forming 38′ x 2,000 Tons
CNC Brake Forming 20′ x 750 Tons
Plate/Sheet Rolling 10′ x 1.25″ Thick
Structural Rolling including angle, channel, pipe & tube

Sawing Max Capacity
Production Sawing including compound Miter Cutting 31.25” x 37.5” Sq
Cold Sawing with 24’ long bed 5” – 12” Thick

Custom CNC Machining
Metal Sawing
Metal Forming

Heavy Steel Plate and Prototype Fabrication

If your project calls for custom metal fabrication, our team at JWK Engineering & Sales has you covered. We offer a range of heavy steel plate fabrication and prototype fabrication services for companies across many industries. Through our manufacturing methods, we can fulfill a variety of metal fabrication needs for small-to-medium-sized companies within the US.


Through our CNC manufacturing services, prototype fabrication is carried out with precision. Along with the freedom of customization you get through our prototype fabrication services, we also offer heavy steel plate fabrication, allowing large, difficult to manage pieces to have the same precision and quality your project needs.

Our Services

From initial concept to completed project, our staff of industry professionals will guide your project every step of the way, with the transparency and quality you expect. Working with advanced CNC manufacturing practices, we are able to execute prototype and heavy steel fabrication services in a way that is efficient, on budget, and seamless in your project timeline. Whether big, small, simple, or complex, we have the staff and resources to complete your project according to your specifications.

For more information about our extensive fabrication, machining, welding, and finishing capabilities, call us today at 763.786.3600 or complete our contact form to send us a message or request a free quote.

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“JWK has a great team to work with! Thank you all for your continued help.”

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“JWK treats us very well at our company. They are timely in their responses and offer me ways to build my product more economically.”

Water Treatment Equipment
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Industrial Truck
“We thoroughly enjoy our business relationship with JWK and our project manager does a very good job.”

Automated Equipment

“JWK is a very solid company with a professional staff. I believe they are second to none.”

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