Live Tooling Lathes vs. Standard CNC Lathes

by jwksales | CNC Turning Services

At JWK Engineering & Sales, we offer a wide array of CNC turning capabilities, and are experts in the field concerning machining, equipment selection and proper tooling. Because of this, we are often asked what the difference is between live tooling lathes and standard CNC lathes.

The main benefit of live tooling lathes over standard CNC lathes is that drilling can be performed in the same machine instead of necessitating the movement of the part into a separate drilling station. This reduces set-up time and increases part production speed. With standard CNC lathes, products would have to go to a secondary machine if they needed to be milled, drilled, tapped or deburred. A live tooling lathe can do it all.

This is not the only benefit, however. The turret and Y-axis performance in today’s live tooling CNC lathe machines, with self-aligning capabilities, provide:

  • improved cutting performance
  • better tool clearance
  • deeper cutting depth
  • eliminate inaccuracies

Overall, live tool lathes provide better cutting and an easier set-up.

JWK CNC Turning Capabilities
If your business is reliant on the longevity and quality of its products, you want your products machined with the utmost precision and consistency. That is why at JWK Engineering & Sales, we offer both live tooling lathe and standard CNC lathe services through our CNC turning capabilities and CNC lathe machines.

Our customers want their components machined quickly while taking cost-saving measures to meet deadlines and demand. For a new prototype or custom metal part, knowing the right machining process to take can be complicated. At JWK, we can take your project from initial concept to total completion while providing you the best guidance and service along the way, quickly and efficiently.

For more information about our extensive fabrication, machining, welding, finishing, engineering, and CNC turning capabilities, call us today at 763.786.3600 or complete our contact form to request a free quote.

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