There are many different challenges an OEM faces when outsourcing, particularly when it comes to metal fabrication. Some of the smaller shops only have limited production capacity, and can only manage small volume orders, while larger shops only work with high-volume orders.

This can create a gap for small to medium-sized OEM needing metal fabrication services for a one-time order, or on an ongoing order cycle. This gap can also include the range of services that metal fabrication companies provide, with smaller shops providing a reduced range of services.

What to Consider

The key for any OEM is to find the metal fabrication company that can manage the order volume, the delivery schedule, and also provide the services needed. The more services that metal fabrication companies are able to provide, the more streamlined the outsourcing is for the OEM.

In addition to being able to provide fabrication services, such as options in cutting, forming, machining grinding, and sawing, it is also cost-effective if the metal fabrication companies can provide welding, finishing, heat treating, and assembly services. We are able to offer a range of services with state of the art equipment, experienced machinists and the experience to ensure parts and components are fabricated to the required customer and industry specifications.

The benefits of working with one company are evident to the OEM. There is a smaller supply chain, better quality control with all aspects of metal fabrication, value-added services, and a lower cost per part.

As with any type of outsourcing of services, it is crucial to work with an established, reputable machine fabrication company. At JWK, we focus on quality control and offering the services OEMs need. To learn more, or to get a quote, call us today at 763-786-3600.