About Us

Today JWK Engineering & Sales, Inc. has an unmatched list of equipment and capabilities to offer complete project management, metal machining, and fabrication services to OEM customers located across the U.S.A.

JWK Believe Strong Partnerships

Purpose, Vision & Values

Our purpose is to offer metal fabrication solutions—solving problems through capacity and diverse capabilities.

We believe strong partnerships are cultivated through open and honest relationships built upon a foundation of positivity, consistency, fairness, and integrity.

Quality Management


JWK Engineering & Sales, Inc. is committed to meeting and exceeding our customers’ requirements by using ISO 9001:2015-compliant quality controls, processes, and procedures, which are all focused on eliminating risks to quality while fostering continuous improvement.

Skilled Staff


Nobody will work harder to give you more.

Our entire organization is committed to exceeding your expectations.

You will experience friendly responsive attitudes, dedication to quality, and uncompromising customer support.

“Oh man JWK is the talk around here today!!! Bragging going on how good all the parts look we just got…they are the best anyone has seen around here!”


“JWK has a great team to work with! Thank you all for your continued help.”


“JWK treats us very well at our company. They are timely in their responses and offer me ways to build my product more economically.”


“We have a great business relationship with good people at JWK. JWK is consistently one of my top 3 suppliers. Highly recommended!”


“We thoroughly enjoy our business relationship with JWK and our project manager does a very good job.”


“JWK is a very solid company with a professional staff. I believe they are second to none.”