Below is just a sampling of equipment/services available at JWK Engineering & Sales.


Sampling of Quality Equipment/Processes:
Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) with 48″ x 120″ x 40″ reach. 
Calipers, Micrometers and various gauges 
Hardness Testers (Rockwell and Brinell) 
AWS Certified Weld Inspection
Destructive & Non-Destructive Weld Test Capabilities 
Material traceability/certification available upon request.

Quality Control Services in Minneapolis

“Oh man JWK is the talk around here today!!! Bragging going on how good all the parts look we just got…they are the best anyone has seen around here!”


“JWK has a great team to work with! Thank you all for your continued help.”

Construction Equipment
“JWK treats us very well at our company. They are timely in their responses and offer me ways to build my product more economically.”

Water Treatment Equipment
“We have a great business relationship with good people at JWK. JWK is consistently one of my top 3 suppliers. Highly recommended!”

Industrial Truck
“We thoroughly enjoy our business relationship with JWK and our project manager does a very good job.”

Automated Equipment

“JWK is a very solid company with a professional staff. I believe they are second to none.”

Construction Equipment



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