Below is just a sampling of equipment/services available at JWK Engineering & Sales.

Custom CNC Machining Services

At JWK Engineering & Sales, we provide companies with an array of custom CNC machining services. These services include CNC milling, and CNC turning capabilities that benefit small to medium-sized Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) that conduct domestic product manufacturing operations. Here is a summary of the Machining options we provide.

Machining Services

Equipment we utilize to provide our CNC milling services include:

Milling   Travel
Vertical CNC Machining Center (5-Axis)  (X 709″) (Y 181″) (Z 28″) (W 49″)
Vertical CNC Machining Center (4-Axis)  (X 314″) (Y 150″) (Z 49″) (W 62″) 
Vertical CNC Machining Center (3-Axis)  (X 197) (Y 138″) (Z 39″) 
Vertical CNC Machining Center (4-Axis)  (X 120″) (Y 40″) (Z 30″) 
Horizontal CNC Machining Center (4-Axis)  (X 630″) (Y 59″) (Z 138″) 
Horizontal CNC Machining Center (3-Axis)  (X 118″) (Y 78″) (Z 51″) (W 27″) 
Horizontal CNC Machining Center (3-Axis)  (X 110″) (Y 78″) (Z 78″) 
Beam Drill Line  44″ x 60′ 
Wire EDM  

The equipment we employ to execute our CNC turning services include:

Turning (Swing) (Between Centers) (Chuck Dia)
CNC Turning Lathe (Live Tooling)  (53″) (315″) (40″) 
CNC Turning Lathe (Live Tooling)  (41″) (120″) (36″) 
CNC Turning Lathe (Live Tooling)  (17″) (34″) (10″) 
CNC Screw Machine  4.5″ OD 
CNC Vertical Turning Lathe  118″ Tall X 145″ OD 
CNC Vertical Turning Lathe (Live Tooling) 118″ Tall X 145″ OD 

Blanchard Grinding  144″ x 48″ x 120″ Dia. Chuck 
Surface Grinding  40″ x 120″ x 30″ Height 
OD/ID Grinding  25″ OD 

Milling, drilling, turning, and broaching are common machining operations we offer our customers. With these capabilities and through our use of CNC manufacturing practices, we are able to produce some finely detailed and complex parts. Regardless of whether your project calls for steel machining, stainless steel machining, or aluminum machining, our team at JWK Engineering & Sales will provide you parts on-time and with a high level of accuracy.

Small and Large Sized Orders
We fulfill orders of the smallest and largest sizes – single part orders, multiple run parts, and large assemblies. Utilizing our state-of-the-art horizontal and vertical machining capabilities we deliver the precise components you need to keep your business operations running as smooth as possible.

Regardless of whether you need large part CNC machining, metal broaching, or other CNC fabrication services mentioned above, we have you covered.

For additional information about our machining capabilities, give us a call today at 763.786.3600, or use our contact form to send us a message or request a free quote. We look forward to working with you to fulfill your machining needs.

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